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0800 781 2481

Smart Labels

Data Integration and Integrity Meets Design

This allows you to integrate key information into beautiful designed labels quickly and easily.

For example, we can integrate with your Recipe Management System or supplier via our flexible API. 

This means important information such as allergens, ingredients and nutrition are automatically integrated into to your design. This reduces human error and means you can manage this information in one central place with your labels automatically being updated.

Our system will detect any changes and send automated notifications to stop labels being printed with incorrect information.

All of this is managed online through your Gizmo Smart Labels account.

Our flexible print solution means you can use our in-house Gizmo print team or we can export a print ready file to your preferred supplier or self-print.

With ever increasing legislation providing accurate product information to your customers is now more important than ever.

Digital Labels

Customer Engagement at Product Level

Our Digital Labels allow you to create a mobile optimised web site for each of your products SKU’s quickly and easily.

The Gizmo Design tool generates a unique QR code for each product which can be integrated into your label design or as a standalone label.

There is an easy to use dashboard and template so you can configure your Digital Label web site to match your brand.

We can integrate with third party systems via our API so you can import product information and share with your customers.

In addition there are a number of marketing tools such as reviews, offers and social media which means you can engage with your customers at product level.

This allows you to add a whole new dimension to your products and customer engagement which is easy to use and low cost.